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Message to the Portuguese Community Residing in Turkey


COVID-19 pandemic: Postponement of appointments - Update


TAP's Operation: From March 23 to April 19


COVID-19 pandemic: Postponement of appointments 



Given the entry into force of Regulation (EU) 2019/1155, dated 20 June 2019, which amends the Community Visa Code, new fees will be charged when submitting Schengen visa applications:

  • Standard fee: 80 EUR
  • Reduced rate (children from 6 to 12 years old): 40 EUR

Please note that the aforementioned amounts will be charged for all Schengen visa requests submitted starting of February 3, 2020.


More information concerning visas and other consular issues here.

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Press Release of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

As part of the effort to reopen services to citizens, the consular network has been instructed to resume its activity gradually. This process will start between 4 and 18 May in most posts.

This process will take place with the utmost respect for the safety of workers and the general public. To this end, nearly 300 thousand euros were invested in the acquisition of PPE and CPE (Personal and Collective Protective Equipment), such as acrylic dividers, masks, gloves and disinfectant gel, which have already been provided to the consular posts.

Delivery of documents and appointments for the issuance of Citizen Cards and Passports, as well as other Civil Registry acts, will take precedence as services return to normal. Other consular acts will be made available gradually.

The return to full consular operationality will be geographically asymmetric, depending on the evolution of the pandemic and the measures that local authorities put in place.

In view of the measures still in place in the United Kingdom and Italy, consular posts in those countries will not be reopened to the general public before June and will be subject to the enactment of concrete measures by the local authorities. In the United States, the return to normalcy will depend on the decisions taken by the federal government and/or the State governments.

Lisbon, 8 May 2020

Press Release of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs deems recent news regarding bans or limitations on the arrival of emigrated nationals in the summer baseless, particularly in the case of those residing in Europe.

The government’s goal is for emigrants to come to Portugal in the summer to be reunited with their families and, as they have always done, to support the economic recovery of the country.

In the case of Portuguese citizens emigrated in European countries, it should be noted that the airspace within Europe remains open, and it is expected that the number of flights across the continent will gradually pick up.

At the same time, the Government is working to ensure that, in any scenario of an evolution of the situation on the land border, it will be possible for Portuguese residents abroad, who have another residence or family in Portugal, to travel to our country in the summer holidays period. 

Lisbon, 8 May 2020

Support to national citizens abroad has been an important area within the framework of the measures that the Government has taken to reduce the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

At first, action in this domain was oriented to support thousands of Portuguese unexpectedly prevented from returning to our country due to the rapid spread of the pandemic. 

The Government, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has already managed to solve more than 80% of the situations of Portuguese who have requested support to return and, at the same time has been, through consulates and embassies, providing social support to nationals who request it, via the Covid-19 line, which continues to operate, the consular emergency line, and the telephone lines and e-mail addresses provided locally by the consulate and embassies. 

The Covid-19 lines and the Consular Emergency Office received 17,600 telephone calls and 12,800 electronic messages since the outbreak of the pandemic, continuing this work in close cooperation with the consulates and embassies.

Within this framework, embassies and consulates were instructed by the Secretary of State for Portuguese Communities, through the Directorate - General of Consular Affairs and Portuguese Communities, to assess the social impact of the pandemic in Portuguese communities, in terms of both employment/unemployment and access, by the Portuguese, to extraordinary local policies that have been implemented in the various countries to address the most serious situations, including those of undocumented and detained citizens.

Along the same lines, the Covid-19 hotline of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been adapting to the new reality, having already received and forwarded requests for social support or for information on employment/unemployment situations of nationals residing abroad to the competent posts, and will continue to do so.

Acknowledging that both the identification of cases of need and the support for the Portuguese communities involves articulating with the associative network of diaspora, the programme to support the actions and projects of the associative movements of Portuguese communities abroad will soon be completed, for which a financial package of more than EUR 600,000 has been guaranteed this year. 

The Government salutes the concern expressed on this matter by the Councillors of the communities, through their Permanent Council, calling upon them to strengthen the link with embassies and consulates in their respective areas of jurisdiction, thus ensuring a more efficient response to all situations of need.

Dear compatriots,


The increasing spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in Turkey, as in Portugal and in the rest of the World, has brought a profound disturbance to the daily lives of each of us, consequence of the - quite rightly adopted - measures to fight and prevent further spreading of the disease.

In this difficult time, which we are all going through, solidarity between peoples, countries and individuals is increasingly important. As a result, the Embassy and Consular Section of Portugal in Turkey follows with close attention all situations related to the members of our community and advises the Portuguese residents in Turkey to follow, with prompt diligence and rigor, the instructions of the Turkish government; as well as the World Health Organization recommendations.  

We are faced with troubled times indeed, which can evoke feelings of discouragement and even despair. However, it is of utmost importance to remain united and serene, realizing that the solution to overcome this scourge also depends on us, individually and collectively.

The Portuguese Ambassador, the Embassy and the Consular Section, as well as all our staff, sincerely wishes you, our countrymen who reside here, good health.



Dear Portuguese Citizens,

Dear Applicants,

According to the recent developments and the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Consular Section of the Embassy of Portugal in Ankara decided to suspend its services for the next two weeks, until the end of April 2020, the date when the conditions for the operation of the Consular Section will be re-assessed.

Accordingly, all appointments are postponed.

Services that are suspended:

  • Visa requests
  • Id card and Passport requests
  • Notary related requests
  • Civil registration related requests

The Consular Section will, however, continue to secure assistance in case of consular emergencies, namely when a loss of identification or travel documents occur.

In such cases of emergency, please contact us through our emergency phone (+90) 532 605 13 57 as well as through

We further underline that Portuguese citizens – who have been affected by the crisis triggered by the mentioned COVID-19 pandemic – can use the COVID-19 emergency line, created with the aim of providing support to the citizens who are temporarily traveling abroad and need help to return to the country. This service is based on the e-mail address ( and on the telephone line (+351 217 929 755).

The aforementioned emergency line will be available on working days, between 9 am and 5 pm (Portuguese time), and, outside these hours, it will be complemented by the activity of the well-known Consular Emergency Office (GEC) – +351 217 929 714 / +351 961 706 472 – open 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.COV



Embassy and Consular Section

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Consular Section

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Emergency phone - GSM (24/7)

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